Do you want a future for hunting?

The future of hunting and conservation is under threat

Bird hunting, habitat for game, large carnivore management, Europe’s hunting cultures, and our incentives to conserve nature are at risk from problematic policy-making.

SignForHunting Campaign has ended!

History has been made. We collected a grand total of more than 363,000 signatures. Please see our PR covering the landing of the campaign in Brussels.


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Europe’s nature is doing badly, but not everywhere. Where and when we can, hunters are working to secure a strong future, engaging in conservation work every day throughout Europe.

However, some policy-makers are working against hunting in Brussels. Important hunting practices are being unnecessarily restricted. Pressure is being applied to suspend hunters’ management of large carnivores in some countries, even when hunters have been key to recovery of populations.

If this succeeds, then the rest of Europe and large carnivores will suffer. Hunting is even being portrayed as one of the main threats to nature, despite clear evidence to the contrary.

There is an active agenda to end most regional hunting practices across Europe. Some policy-makers have even proposed to end hunting (and fishing) on 10% of the EU’s land.


“Bring back nature”

80% of the rules and regulations affecting hunting and conservation come from Brussels.

We want a Europe rich in biodiversity for all.

We want nature policy to incentivise hunters’ conservation work, including in protected areas.

We want the EU nature law to deliver results for ecosystems and habitats for small game, especially wetlands and farmlands.

We want a more objective and evidence-based approach to hunting, including regional hunting practices.

We want accurate assessments of large carnivore populations based on suitable criteria and a procedure to amend their listing under the Habitats Directive.

We want hunters to be recognised as being part of the solution for nature conservation, not the problem.

We want laws and decisions affecting hunting to be fair, and deliver clear benefits, respecting the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality.

We want our cultural heritage to be respected, which is vital to the future of a diverse Europe and for enriching the lives of individual citizens.

We want Brussels to take this agenda to the international level because the EU has a strong influence at the global level.

🇪🇺 How Brussels impacts hunting

The status of biodiversity on Europe’s farmland

The birds we can hunt

When we can hunt birds (“hunting periods”)

The hunting methods

How we can and cannot manage large carnivores

The firearms we can use

What ammunition we can use (forthcoming)

Regional hunting activities

Rules on farming and environment that impact huntable species


FACE is the Voice of European Hunters

The European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE), which represents the interests of Europe’s 7 million hunters, is running this campaign.

FACE is the largest democratically representative body for hunters in the world and one of the largest European civil society organisations.

FACE is made up of its Members: National hunters’ associations from 37 European countries including the EU-27. FACE also has 7 Associate Members.

FACE – Rue Belliard 205 – 1040, Bruxelles
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